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Asgard is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of high-quality secure metal sheds, metal bike storage units, motorcycle garages and much more for over 30 years. 
We design and manufacture a range of metal sheds, including bike storage of the highest quality, designed to give the strength and security required to keep your mountain bikes safe. 


Our Bike Storage Units

Our bike storage units are the best way to keep your bikes safe, whether you live in the city or in the countryside. Here is a small selection of Asgard's bike storage units that will keep your prize mountain bikes safe:

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Check out our videos to find out more about our awesome bike sheds, how to assemble them and how we test them.


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Featured Products

Bike Storage x 4

The Access offers all metal bike storage for 4* bikes and is a generously proportioned bike storage solution. This is so much more than just a simple bike shed.

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Bike Storage x 7 Police Approved

This UK made, Locksmith and Police approved metal bike store is designed to offer secure storage for your most valuable bikes and cycling accessories.

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Bike Storage x 6 - Police Approved

The Asgard extra-large bike storage shed is a superbly tough, secure bike shed for your most valuable bikes and cycling equipment.

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Storage for Life

We're so passionate about our cycle storage sheds - designed by cyclists for cyclists. We built them to be more secure than any other storage unit on the market, designed and manufactured by Asgard in the UK. All of our storage units are the LPCB certified and SBD certified (Secured by design - Police approved).

Got a question for us? Check out our fantastic Customer Service live chat and we advise and help not just sell sheds – you can phone and speak to CS, the designer, the delivery guys anyone. 

We look forward to hearing from you and keeping your beloved bikes safe and sound for life. 

Best wishes,