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Our Portable Espresso Machines and Sets

Our new Handpresso range has been designed so that you can have delicious espresso on the trail! The simple yet innovative design means that you can indulge in your favourite drink before hurtling down the mountain side.
Check out some of our favourites below or see our full range of portable espresso machines on our website

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Handpresso portable machines are also simple to use to make real espressos wherever you are.


Thanks to the 16 bar-pressure, Handpresso produces creamy top quality espressos wherever you like!


Handpresso lets you enjoy a good espresso when on the move.


New solutions to enable you to drink a genuine espresso where it has never been done before.


We've picked out a selection of videos for you to watch so that you can find out more about our portable espresso machines, how they work and the endless list of places you can use them.


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Featured Products

Handpresso Pump Pop Green

The new Handpresso Pump Pop conveys joy and humour to the coffee world. Lightweight and low price, the robust, young and sporty-looking Handpresso Pump Pop travels with you anywhere.

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2 Unbreakable Espresso Cups

Chic, practical and designed to face the elements, these cups are made of thick yet lightweight plastic and are transparent to show off the beautiful crema on the top of your espresso.

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Handpresso Wild Hybrid Travel Case

This sleek, sturdy travel case, specifically designed for the Handpresso Wild Hybrid espresso machine, is a true must have to protect your Hybrid from scrapes and scratches.

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Portable coffee anywhere

Welcome to Handpresso, the home of portable coffee makers.

Our range of portable coffee makers allow you to enjoy quality coffee wherever you are, even whilst mountain biking. Lightweight and compact, Handpresso products are perfectly designed for travel, camping, holidays, in your car, or wherever life takes you. Quality coffee is something you get used to. With Handpresso, you’ll never be without it.

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