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Better safe than sorry! We’ve selected protective gear from leading brands to protect you whilst hurtling down a mountain including helmets, knee protections and gloves. Browse the category either by brand or by item.

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Showers Pass

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the North of England or the Pacific Northwest of the United States: rain, sleet, snow and mud are there to slow you down and get in the way of your ride.

Polaris Bikewear

Polaris are proud to provide technical clothing tailored specifically for the needs of today’s cyclist. Nothing feels better than soft Singletrack under your tyres and the mud on your face.

Strider Bikes: Balance Bikes

Both my children learned how to safely ride and balance a bike using a STRIDER® very quickly and independently.

Headkayse: Challenging Convention

The British startup reinventing the cycle helmet using Enkayse, a flexible material that's far more durable than polystyrene.

ION Products

We're taking the ION approach to the slopes - because our second, big love has always been mountain biking.

Protective Gear

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